Bristol Ceilidh Quartet

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Three experienced folk fiddlers and a funky ‘cellist join together to create the exciting and innovative Bristol Ceilidh Quartet. The combination of fresh and original arrangements of unusual jigs and reels and an excellent young dance caller guarantees a splendid night of ceilidh dancing – perfect for a wedding or family party.

" Stunning percussive playing and original arrangements make a great ceilidh."

Don’t worry if you’ve never danced before. The dance caller will walk you through the dances and will call out the moves when the music strikes up. Starting with very simple dances, the caller will soon have everyone on the dance floor, joining in. The quartet’s delightful arrangements of little known Gloucestershire jigs and reels make it hard to keep your feet still. (Thanks to Bristol Ceilidh for the super pictures above of a recent Folk House ceilidh!)

The Bristol Ceilidh Quartet performs regularly at Folk Festivals around the UK, providing family ceilidhs and concert performances. The group’s performance includes the revival of little known folk songs that are well worth hearing. Nonny’s delightful singing will have you riveted while you take a break from dancing. Looking for a fresh and original choice of background music for a folk-style wedding ceremony and drinks reception? Hire the quartet without the caller to perform songs and tunes! Phone or email for a bespoke quote for the quartet.

  • Exciting arrangements of unusual jigs and reels
  • Dance caller walks you through the dances
  • Fully-equipped with a top-quality PA system




32 Bar Jigs

  • Captain Leno / Tripping Up Stairs
  • Haste To The Wedding / Jig No.3
  • Jack and the Beanstalk / New Moll In The Road
  • Minor Jig / Hopkinson’s Favourite
  • Narry The Piper / Seven Stars

48 Bar Jigs

  • Spithead Fleet / Comical Thought
  • Hexham Quadrille / Morgan Rattler
  • Morgiana / Morgiana In Ireland

32 Bar Polkas

  • Brown Bread / Siege Of Ennis
  • Dennis Murphy’s / Babes In The Wood / Dark Girl Dressed in Blue
  • A Favourite Duet By Mr Holmes / Hold The Lass While I Run At Her
  • Red Wing / Golden Slippers

48 Bar Polkas

  • The Scotch Polka

32 Bar Reels

  • Mrs Gardener’s Reel / Miss Monigan’s Reel

16/32 Bar Hornpipes

  • Kafoozalum / Cameron’s Got His Wife Again
  • Westcoaster / Wonder Hornpipe

32 Bar Rant

  • Oyster Catcher’s Wife

Slip Jigs

  • Peacock Follow The Hen / Mother Goose


  • L’inconnu de Limousin
  • New Comet Waltze

… and many more.


  1. Ed Barrow (Director of Bristol Folk House Ceilidhs)

    Bristol Folk House Ceilidh 2016

    One of the most energetic and percussive ceilidh bands playing anywhere right now- their gigs are unmissable.

    Ed Barrow (Director of Bristol Folk House Ceilidhs)

  2. Simon Care (Ex-Albion Band)

    Broadstairs Folk Week 2016

    Really loved Bristol Ceilidh Quartet at Broadstairs. A funky string quartet! Who’d have thought it. Awesome!

    Simon Care (Ex-Albion Band)

  3. Madeleine Smith

    Broadstairs Folk Week 2016

    I had no idea what to expect from a string quartet playing folk, and was blown away by the wonderful vibrant sound. The irresistible lilting rhythm and great tunes got everyone dancing at the family ceilidh, including the tinies. The vocals added extra excitement. The ‘Playing by Ear’ workshop with a big range of abilities and ages was managed excellently and had something for everyone.

    Madeleine Smith