Burlesque Belles: Vintage Dance Troupe

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Burlesque Belles Vintage Dance Troupe, dressed to the nines to reflect the fashion of each period in turn, will instantly evoke the spirit and style of those bygone eras with their sparkling retro displays of a variety of popular dance-genres spanning the 20th century.

“The supremely talented, professionally-trained Burlesque Belles Vintage Dance Troupe travel all around the UK to present their iconic, authentic homage to a variety of choreographic styles from bygone eras…”

The group adopts a highly flexible approach to their performances, and whether you are looking to entertain an intimate gathering of thirty or so guests, or a grand cabaret audience of a thousand or more, a bespoke presentation will be skilfully tailored to match your event perfectly.

Unforgettable, energetic performances are further enhanced by impressive period costuming and props – think flirty feathers, cheeky corsets, gloves, headdresses, flapper dresses and the like! Perfect for a retro-themed party, Burlesque Belles Vintage Dance Troupe perform the very best examples of the iconic 20th-century popular dance-styles – ’20s Charleston, ’40s Swing, ’50s Jive, Tapdance, ’60s Gogo and Fosse Jazz!

Authentic period backing tracks often accompany Burlesque Belles Vintage Dance Troupe’s dynamic, stylish and animated presentations. Or for the full effect, spectacular Vintage Dance Troupe performances can be combined with live music from a fabulous 1920s Swing Jazz Band!

From town halls to village halls, marquees to theatres, Burlesque Belles Vintage Dance Troupe have showcased their captivating cabarets everywhere imaginable. Generate a glamorous, decadent atmosphere at your celebration event with the frivolous, fun and flirty Burlesque Belles Vintage Dance Troupe – simply the best in vintage dance performance, from Roaring Twenties Charleston to Swinging Sixties Gogo!

  • Dynamic presentations, showcasing major 20th-century dance-styles
  • Able to perform with backing tracks or accompanied by a live band
  • Fantastic, flirtatious fun for everyone!


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