Indian Sitar & Tabla Duo

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If you’re looking to add a touch of exotic glamour to a special occasion, or are planning an Eastern-themed event, then Indian Sitar Duo will the bill. A fascinating duo combining the instruments most commonly associated with the Indian tradition, sitar and tablas, their signature music with its rippling, cascading melody set across insistent throbbing hand-drum rhythms produces an iconic atmosphere immediately evocative of the sub-continent.

“An authentic and true-to-heart sound that captures the essence of India.”

The lilting resonances of the sitar combine perfectly with the seemingly repetitive yet subtly changing rhythmic patterns laid down by the tablas, promoting a seductive, trance-inducing mood which gradually builds in an emotional crescendo towards the climax of each piece, then slowly subsides again to a tranquil conclusion.

Indian Sitar Duo typically play an engaging, charming selection of ragas and other authentic traditional Indian classical music. Captivating and mesmeric, the repertoire is versatile and can be adapted to a variety of performance scenarios, from gentle background music to accompany a drinks reception at a wedding or similar intimate social occasion to a formal stage-show at a themed corporate event such as a product launch.

Indian Sitar Duo are highly-experienced musicians in their chosen field, and can draw on many years of performing in a variety of venues to a wide range of audiences.  The musicians are flexible in their performance requirements, and can readily play outdoors, weather permitting. They come equipped with a top-quality PA system to enhance and amplify their instruments, if required.

Bring an authentic taste of classical Indian culture to your special occasion with Indian Sitar Fusion.

Exotic, evocative and seductive classical Indian music  

Authentically performed on traditional instruments

Instantly conjures up images of Indian culture




The Indian Sitar and Tabla Duo perform original improvisations of Indian classical ragas.