Jalikunda African Drums and Dance

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Jalikunda will present a colourful, energetic, spectacular performance showcasing the songs, rhythms and dances of Senegal in West Africa.

      “Jalikunda’s vibrant harmony and pulsating rhythms create a musical feast of song and dance!”

Born in Senegal, djembe and kora specialist Mamadou Cissoko presents a spirit-lifting confection that embodies and personifies the cultural heartbeat of West Africa. Full of complex inner rhythms and featuring a great deal of interweaving improvisation, it produces a form of musical performance which inexorably sets the body in motion. Indeed, dancing is inherently a hugely important part of the overall musical experience.

For these guys, born into an ancient culture where music, dance and storytelling play an important in everyday life, the ritual of music-making is an inherited tradition that sits close to the centre of their being. A palpable sense of soulful joy permeates the sound they produce together.

For an intimate gathering, Jalikunda can present a djembe and kora duo that can readily perform without the need for electrical amplification. However, for bigger audiences or at larger events, the band can step out in style with a full six-piece ensemble. In addition, where a greater visual impact is called for, the music can also be accompanied onstage by a spectacular troupe of up to three traditionally-costumed dancers.

Jalikunda will present an enchanting, exciting and spectacular synthesis of rich rhythms and magical melodies from the West African tradition.

  • Mesmerising West African rhythms for an uplifting festival atmosphere
  • Flexible line-up, from a compact duo to a six-piece band plus dancers
  • Electrical amplification not always needed – great for outdoor events




Jalikunda performs a colourful, energetic, spectacular repertoire showcasing songs, melodies, rhythms and dances of Senegal in West Africa.