Shulman’s Gypsy Jazz Band

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Shulman’s Gypsy Jazz Band presents an extremely diverse repertoire of lively traditional music from around the world, visiting individual genres as wide-ranging as Jewish Klezmer and Simcha, music from Eastern European Zigeuner traditions and perhaps more familiar American Swing.

“This stunningly versatile band, playing a heady mix of gypsy, klezmer and jazz, will provide the perfect soundtrack for any festive occasion…”

Shulman’s Gypsy Jazz are a dynamic professional ensemble who can tailor their performances to a diverse range of audiences and events. The bandsmen comprising the orchestra are second to none, each one having initially been trained in some of Britain’s finest conservatoires and now regularly performing with a number of high-profile fellow-musicians. Combining virtuosity with versatility, they play their chosen music not only at wedding receptions, but for almost any celebratory social event, be it a family birthday party, anniversary dinner-dance or, indeed, a bar mitzvah.

These versatile musicians can provide you with elements of Gypsy Jazz, Swing Jazz, Light Jazz, Eastern European Folklore, Gypsy Folklore, Klezmer, Jewish Simcha music and other genres. Extremely flexible in their approach, Shulman’s offer a choice of vocalists, each specialising in different styles and repertoire – Jazz, Jewish, Romanian or Gypsy – depending entirely on the specific demands of each individual occasion.

A dynamic ensemble, Shulman’s can tailor performances to a diverse range of audiences and events. The band comes equipped with different size PA systems to suit all manner of venues and occasions. For a versatile evening of Gypsy-inspired music, Shulman’s can readily provide an appropriate line-up for absolutely any celebration, and are equally happy to perform as an intimate duo right through to the full seven-piece band.

  • Supremely talented, extremely versatile group of traditional musicians
  • Huge range of music – swing jazz to Eastern European and Gypsy styles
  • Flexible line-up, from a compact duo to a spectacular seven-piece




  • Choson Kale Mazel Tov
  • Hava Nagila
  • Ketsad M’radkin
  • Mashi’ach
  • Od Yishama
  • Ose Shalom
  • Samchem
  • Simon Tov Und Mazel Tov
  • Tsena
  • Y’varech’cha
  •                                                    ….and plenty more….


  • Araber Tantz
  • Bubamara
  • Dance Hora
  • Dances From The Banat
  • Dark Eyes
  • Geamparelle
  • Good Times Sarba
  • Hora March
  • Hora Recipiti
  • Invertita
  • Monte Jardas
  • Sirba
  • The Lark
  • Whistling Hora
  •                                                    ….and plenty more….


  1. Mike Pease

    On a glorious early Autumn afternoon in East Sussex, Dave Shulman and the Gypsy Jazz Band proved to be the highlight of a great 70th. birthday party. Their first Klezmer set was clear, crisp and joyous . . . the excellent solos revealed the high standard of each of the performers. Perhaps the greatest compliments were made by guests who declared ” I never heard this music before . . . where can I hear some more?” and “It’s great to see a band who smile so much!” The second set, of ‘Hot Club de Paris’ – style jazz, was also very well received.

    Mike Pease

  2. Ian Morrison’s Garden Party

    Just a brief word to thank you for making the trip down to Amport and playing at our garden party. You certainly impressed a lot of our guests and quite a few asked if you were local!

  3. Chris Fitchew

    Thanks so so much for today. You guys were fantastic!

  4. Victor Martinez

    Shulman’s Gypsy Jazz played at my wedding on 19th May 2012. The guys were outstanding. All the guests commented on how great and cool they were. I thoroughly recommend them. Thank you, Hop Till You Drop for arranging the performance.