Drawing on their bottomless repertoire of frenetic jigs, polkas and reels for dancing (organised or otherwise) ranging through to a comprehensive selection of iconic singalong classics from the Irish tradition, together with a few more modern items, The Tatterjacks play all the old favourites.

“From a lively quartet to a full-on seven-piece band performing a terrific blend of traditional Celtic songs and tunes for a wild Irish knees-up!”

Guitar and banjo combine to give the songs their signature rhythmic drive and texture, while twin fiddles and flute interweave magically over the top, decorating and punctuating the melodic line. All this is rounded off with captivating vocals helping to add extra emotive impact to the sound.

If you would like a session or two of organised traditional dancing, the band can even include an experienced ‘ceilidh-caller’ in their number, who will come down onto the dancefloor in order to explain and demonstrate the steps and moves of traditional dances for experts and novices alike!

Whether it’s a compact quartet for a more intimate gathering, or a full-on seven-piece for a riotous celebration party, The Tatterjacks can field the appropriate line-up to suit absolutely any occasion. The band is well-organised and completely self-contained, providing all their own equipment, naturally including a top-quality PA system to balance and amplify their instruments which will create crystal-clear sound in venues of all sizes.

If it’s a great night of craic you’re after, then get your toes a-tapping and your feet a-stomping – enjoy a wild Irish knees-up with The Tatterjacks!

  • Traditional Irish music, with ceilidh dancing if required
  • Flexible line-up, from a quartet to a seven-piece outfit
  • Fully-equipped with a top-quality PA for a great sound



From singalong favourites and contemporary songs to lively jigs and reels, The Tatterjacks perform a whole range of traditional Celtic music.