The London Gadjo Gypsies

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The London Gadjo Gypsies serve up an irresistible and exceedingly potent cocktail of traditional Eastern European gypsy-style music, blatantly begged, borrowed, blagged, meddled, muddled and medleyed with a telling, tantalising twist of klezmer and a defiant, devilish dash of rock’n’roll.

“Gypsy magic woven by evocative klezmer sounds and irresistibly exciting rhythms – music to wow the crowd…”

From heart-stopping car-crash fast to heart-wrenchingly melodramatic bathos, the talented musicians of The London Gadjo Gypsies bring their full-moon gypsy rock from way out there in Eastern Europe to a ghetto near you! The sound the band generates is singularly unique and original, yet at the same time it is clearly also steeped in those glorious musical Gypsy traditions which betray roots all over Central and Eastern Europe.

This six-piece outfit showcases violin and vocals from the charismatic Mr Chancery Blame and mind-blowing clarinet and saxophone from Dave Shulman on the topline, able supported and embellished by an absurdly talented band of musicians on guitar, accordion, double-bass and drums.

The traditional gypsy music of Hungary, Romania and the Balkans is a convenient starting point in tracing the provenance of their musical mix, with a dash of klezmer added for good measure. With various elements of rock, gypsy punk, vaudeville and even breakbeats represented in their stylistic repertoire, The London Gadjo Gypsies will present a fiendishly crazed and unique musical experience, not on any account to be missed.

Ensuring a professional level of performance, the band carries a high-quality PA system that produces an excellent sound in venues of all sizes.

It’s a wonderfully atmospheric party as The London Gadjo Gypsies give you the Eastern European Gypsy tradition with an added klezmer twist.

  • Hypnotic blend of traditional gypsy music
  • Talented, enthusiastic six-piece line-up
  • Fully-equipped with a high-quality PA system



The Gadjo Gypsies perform an engaging selection of music drawn from the Eastern European gypsy tradition, judiciously mixed with Klezmer.


  1. Charlie Ashcroft – Artocker Magazine

    The violin-wielding frontman of the Gadjo Club has the type of intriguing personality which shines through on a record such as this. They won’t be one of the capital’s best-kept secrets for long.