Cardiff Steel Pan

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Steel Pan music emanates from the laid-back street culture of Trinidad. Following a time-honoured tradition, home-made tunable percussion instruments would be fashioned out of anything from biscuit tins to empty oil-drums salvaged from the naval bases established on the island.

“Cardiff Steel Pan present exotic, sunshine tunes, evoking a festive carnival atmosphere…”

Exotic, magical rhythms and those distinctive chiming, bell-like textures took London by storm when a steel pan ensemble from the island was invited over to the UK to perform at the Festival of Britain in 1951. This happy, toe-tapping concoction was so infectious that everyone wanted to be a part of its success. As a direct result, since then a great many excellent Caribbean steel pan bands have developed all across the UK.

Based in South Wales, Cardiff Steel Pan is one of the growing number of such ensembles, presenting happy-go-lucky mixtures of modern-day music interspersed with traditional Caribbean classics. Happy to travel worldwide, they’ll bring a little sunshine to you, whatever the weather.

Starting from a compact duo or trio but able to include more musicians, depending on your needs, this band can readily tailor themselves to suit you. Since there is usually no need for any electrical amplification, Cardiff Steel Pan will be more than happy to perform outdoors (under cover if the weather forecast is uncertain), providing an exotic and vividly atmospheric musical accompaniment to a wedding reception or a garden party.

Cardiff Steel Pan perform a happy-go-lucky, holiday mix of popular tunes in a bell-like chiming style, generating the perfect carnival atmosphere.

  • Clever arrangements of popular and traditional carnival music
  • Flexible line-up and repertoire to suit a variety of occasions
  • No amplification needed – perfect for an outdoor event!



Cardiff Steel Pan present an artfully arranged mixture of well-known pop tunes, together with some of their own all-time Caribbean favourites.