Denifari African Drums And Dance

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Based in Manchester, Denifari Drums And Dance Troupe invite their audience into the soulful world of West African culture. You can expect a colourful exhibition which combines djembe drums and kora harp music with, traditionally-costumed Senegalese dance.

“Dynamic drumming, soulful melodies and infectious rhythms – Denifari African Drums And Dance will create a riveting show!

The djembe drums play a pivotal and historic role in the West African culture. The mesmeric cross-rhythmic pulses generated by a group of these drums brings everybody closely together in harmony, performers and audience alike, creating a heartwarming ‘feel-good’ atmosphere. The passion and sheer enthusiasm of bandleader Sidiki Dembele will be amply demonstrated in every Denifari performance. Sidiki is a master drummer.

The line-up of the band is completely up to you! For smaller, more intimate gatherings a solo performance from Sidiki will create a captivating focal point for your event. However, if you want a full-on stageshow, a team of spectacular costumed dancers and musicians are available.

  • Mesmerising West African ambience
  • Flexible line-up to suit your event
  • Usually no need for a PA system




Denifari introduces the traditional West African instruments, djembe drums and kora harp, to modern and contemporary melodies and rhythms.