Jamma De Samba

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Jamma De Samba brings a Brazilian beach-party straight from Rio de Janeiro to the UK. Delivering a spectacular, up-tempo presentation, this five-piece Samba mini-troupe is the perfect sunshine accompaniment to a celebration party, whether a wedding, a birthday or a corporate event.

“Irresistible samba beats and pulsating Brazilian rhythms drum up the carnival sound at any event!”

Jamma De Samba generate infectious beats and tempos that you can’t help but dance to. You can expect to see absolutely everyone within the immediate vicinity to be up on their feet dancing in no time! A larger Carnival Band is available for processions and large outdoor events. Ring or email for a bespoke price.

With their professional setup and engaging performance style, the group is ideally suited for Latin-American or Caribbean-themed events. In addition, principal drummers from Jamma De Samba can organise corporate and school workshops, giving your guests the chance for hands-on involvement.

Jamma De Samba will bring the authentic sound and spirit of the Rio Carnival to any party or social occasion – private or public, large or small!

  • Bring a Brazilian beach-party atmosphere to your event
  • Festive, up-beat drumming, suitable for all types of occasion
  • No need for electrical amplification – great for outdoor shows




Jamma De Samba perform an exciting and vibrant fusion of traditional samba rhythms combined with popular modern funk and hip-hop beats.