Sirius Salsa Band

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Prepare yourself to enter the sensual, sexy, scorpion world of Salsa, Samba, Bossanova and Tango. You can virtually feel the stifling heat and a humidity haze rising up from the sultry sidewalks of downtown Rio when Sirius Salsa takes the stage and launches into full-blooded Latin swing.

“Syncopating Latin-American riffs and the hot-blooded spirit of Rio make magical medicine – it’s a musical heatwave…”

Sirius Salsa is a Bristol based Brazillian Salsa Band. For small events the band provides a trio comprising vocals / percussion, guitar and sax or flute. For larger events, keyboards, drums and bass can be added.

But it’s serious jazz cool that underpins the Brazilian heat. Drumkit and percussion provide the crisply rhythmic base for the trademark Sirius sound.  Accomplished keyboards and guitar embellish the harmonic structure and fill out the texture, while soaring saxophone or flute decorates the topline. Above, in weaving melodic and textural interplay with the instruments, Cathy’s stylish voice sweeps effortlessly from song to song.

When Sirius Salsa is playing their electrifying repertoire of seductive Latin-American and swing jazz, you can’t keep still for long! You’ve simply got to join the party. To balance, enhance and amplify their music, the band can bring an excellent PA system to produce great sound in any venue.

Introduce a well-balanced combinination of fire and ice – hot Brazilian spirit and jazz cool – to your special celebration with Sirius Salsa Band.

  • Electrifying salsa songs from a red-hot Latin band
  • Flexible repertoire can be tailored to any occasion
  • Fully-equipped with a high-quality PA system




Music For Dancing …

  • Batacuda / Consolaçao
  • Felicidade (Jobim)
  • High And Dry (Sirius B)
  • Mais Que Nada (Jorge Ben)
  • One-Note Samba (Jobim)
  • Rhythm Of The Samba (Sirius B)
  • Samba De Orpheu
  • The Joker (Mendes)
  • Watermelon Man (Hancock)
  • ….and plenty more….

Relax And Listen …

  • Chega De Saudade (Jobim)
  • Corcovado (Jobim)
  • Desafinado (Jobim)
  • Dindi (Jobim)
  • Manha De Carneval
  • Samba De Verao (Marcos Valle)
  • The Girl From Ipanema (Jobim)
  • Vivo Sonhando (Jobim)
  • Wave (Jobim)
  • ….and plenty more….


  1. Alex’s Private Gig

    I also meant to tell you how thrilled we were with Sirius B and the extra percussionist and the fabulous dancing girls from Wales! They were absolutely amazing, the music was fantastic and everybody was up on the dance floor doing their moves all night. There was not one jaw ‘undropped’ when the girls came in and they even had one of my nephews dancing a number with them! I had the best time. In fact we all had the greatest time, so thank you HTYD for helping us to organise the entertainment.