Ceilidh, Irish, Klezmer, Parisian & Gypsy Band - Mapaluna

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Mapaluna is an accordion based band that is equally at home with Parisian Boulevard music, East European Gypsy Jazz and klezmer or Celtic jigs and reels. An accordion fiddle duo is available to provide background music in French, Klezmer or Celtic style. For a ceilidh or barn dance, the duo adds an additional dance caller to organise the dances. with added

“Parisian Boulevard music, East European Gypsy Jazz, Klezmer – and ceilidh with caller”

This infectious instrumental blend is all enhanced with a good dose of gypsy fire and more than a soupçon of evocative Parisian charm – it’s a heart-warming mix!  A wealth of popular Irish, Scottish and English jigs and reels galore, all derived from the time-honoured traditional sources, populate Mapaluna’s repertoire, not to mention the hornpipes, hopsteps, strathspeys, slipjigs, polkas and waltzes.

For a ceilidh or barn dance, you need to book either a trio or the full four piece band. Mapaluna will bring along a experienced ‘caller’ who comes down onto the dance floor to explain and demonstrate the steps and moves for each new dance. No previous ceilidh dancing experience is necessary, so absolutely everybody can easily join in the fun. IF the four piece band is booked, Mapaluna will bring add additional guitar or double bass to enhance the sound.

The band always travels fully-equipped with a top-of-the-range PA system, which is adaptable to deliver superb sound-quality in venues of all types and sizes. So now – let your hair down, kick off your high heels and get ready for an excellent evening of traditional family entertainment.

Organised dancing or otherwise, Mapaluna presents you with a brilliant session of infectious ceilidh party magic. Let the mayhem commence!

  • French Gypsy Jazz, Klezmer, Celtic and Ceilidh
  • Can bring along a seasoned dance-caller
  • Fully-equipped with a high-quality PA system



Jigs, reels, hopsteps, slipjigs, polkas and waltzes – an infectious blend, enhanced with European gypsy fire and a soupçon of Parisian charm.