Bristol Klezmer Band

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Why not book an exuberant, exciting performance from the talented musicians that form The Bristol Klezmer Band. These guys will present an enticing selection of traditional Balkan folk-tunes, and can readily provide anything from a trio of strolling gypsy musicians for a drinks reception to a dynamic six-piece fronted by soaring saxophone/clarinet, violin and trombone for dancing later on in the evening festivities.

“The Bristol Klezmer Band performs music from the Eastern European klezmer tradition with verve, energy and style…”

Fronted by the riveting sounds of saxophone/clarinet, violin and trombone and solidly underpinned by punchy accordion, double-bass and percussion, The Bristol Klezmer Band presents a toe-tapping extravaganza of exotic tunes and complex rhythms principally derived from the polyglot Balkan musical tradition. The energy is vibrant, pulsating, uplifting and instantly infectious – get ready to let your hair down and go dancing in the street!

Performing acoustically, the band can even play outdoors – providing the sun decides to show up! A compact accordion/fiddle duo or a trio comprising accordion, violin and clarinet or guitar will add a joyful, carefree gypsy spirit to your garden party. Whether playing low-key atmospheric background music for a drinks reception or their full-on, high-energy late evening dance set, the irresistible joy of klezmer will pervade every performance, through and through.

The Bristol Klezmer Band presents exhilarating Eastern European gypsy music to generate an electric party atmosphere and fill the dancefloor.

  • Evocative traditional Balkan gypsy music
  • Able to play acoustically – even outdoors
  • Flexible line-up, from a duo to a six-piece





Ajde Jano

Ambee Dageets/Sirun Aghchik

A Nakht In Gan Eyden

Araber Tanz

Bay A Glezele Mashke

Baym Rebin’s Sude

B Flat Minor Bulgar


Dark Night

De Mina

Der Yid In Yerusholaym

Die Goldene Khasene

Dovid, Shpil Es Nokh A Mol

Freylachs And Sher

Freylechs From Warsaw

Fun Der Khupe No. 2

Galitzyaner Tantz

Hava Nagilah

Hora De La Risipiti

Hora Martisorolui


Klezma ‘Song Without Words’

Lebedich Un Freilech

Mazel Tov

Moldavian Hora

Nokh A Glezl Vahn

Odessa Bulgar No. 1

Oi, Tate


Romanian Sirba Nos. 1 and 2

Russian Sher

Shalom Aleichem


Skotshne No. 59

Terk In Amerika

Terkishe Yale V’Yove Tanz

The Happy Nigun

Two-Part Hora