The Morellos

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In the 1930s, exuberant swing violinist Stephane Grappelli and spell-binding gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt created an electrifying ‘Hot Club’ style fusion on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. Together they mesmerised the crowd, conjuring up a hypnotic world of mystery and excitement.

  “Exotic gypsy ‘chutzpah’ liberally seasoned with ritzy American ‘pzazz’ – it’s Swing Jazz magic, Parisian-style…”

The European gypsy soul brings the richness and magic to this music, but another continent triggers the intimate ‘tell-it-like-it-is’ honesty which introduces its unique, bubbling, exciting edge. The glitzy romance of American jazz and blues lit the spark that set this creative fusion in motion.

A trio of violin, guitar and double-bass, The Morellos present a fine melodic blend of this legendary Paris Swing, liberally punctuated with Latin-American rhythms, interspersed with Mainstream jazz. Expect all the genre classics – ‘Dinah’, ‘Sweet Sue’, ‘Georgia’ or ‘It Don’t Mean A Thing’.

Though the instruments are acoustic, an inconspicuous PA system balances and elevates the sound. Extensive experience, complete reliability and great enthusiasm for their music come together with The Morellos, creating a relaxed, resonant yet sophisticated atmosphere at any event.

Looking for the romantic elegance and light-hearted fun of Paris in Springtime for your party? The Morellos offer you their classic Parisian Swing.

  • Classic blend of Parisian and American Swing
  • Talented trio, perfect for an intimate occasion
  • Acoustic, but a PA can be provided if required



The Morellos perform attractive, innovative instrumental versions of well-known (some less well-known) Swing and Mainstream Jazz classics.