ACDarts African Drums And Dance

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ACDarts perform a showcase of authentic traditional ethnic dance and song, guaranteed to bring the spirit of Africa to your wedding or party! A fusillade of traditional African drums, an energetic display of sensual tribal dancing and a rainbow of colourful costumes will get audiences both young and old swaying and clapping along to a mesmerising fusion of exotic cross-rhythms, generating a vibrant, exciting carnival atmosphere!

“Immerse yourself in ACDarts African music and dance for a truly memorable experience…”

Based in London, ACDarts travel all round the UK to perform their energetic African drumming music at events of all sizes. African tribal drums and dancers generate an infectiously festive ambience, perfect for weddings, parties and corporate events. The exotic instruments showcased include djembe (hand-drums), adungu (bow harp), endingidi (tube fiddle or African violin), entongoli (bowed lyre), enkwanzi (panpipes) and akogo (thumb piano). Planning a carnival? As a marching band, ACDarts African Drums and Dance will be absolutely brilliant to lead your procession!

As ACDarts do not usually require amplification, they are ideal for outdoor events, and the colourful dance troupe will present an exciting focus to attract and engage the crowd; young and old alike will be dancing and clapping along! This flexible group can present a more intimate solo, duo or trio performance to provide background musical entertainment for smaller events. For larger occasions, the band is easily augmented to include up to twelve choreographed dancers, storytellers and drummers. The band can also bring along a high-quality PA system, if required.

Dressed in their brilliant, exceptionally colourful traditional costumes, ACDarts will treat your guests to an all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza: a fascinating fusion of African rhythms, soca, khalimba, lingala, soukous, zomba and maybe the occasional solo drummer or storytelling act!

  • Truly unique African drumming and dancing display
  • Flexible line-up, from a solo to a 12-piece troupe
  • Brilliant for outdoor events, even carnival processions




ACDarts African Drums And Dance will present a broad and versatile range of traditional African songs, dances and instrumental melodies.