Real Steel - a steel band in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall

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Playing sunshine tunes with a holiday flavour, The Real Steel Band creates the carefree, joyful atmosphere of the Trinidad Carnival. It’s the ideal accompaniment for a wedding drinks reception.

“The infectious sounds of a steel pan band playing calypso-style music conjure up Caribbean fun and party magic…”

The Real Steel Band is a talented group of musicians who take tremendous pride in producing a high quality performance at each celebration at which they perform.

You can expect to hear an infectious concoction of soca, ska, calypso, reggae and salsa, but this is cleverly mixed in with some effective instrumental arrangements of popular rock and pop classics. There’s something in the repertoire to suit all tastes.

Weather permitting, The Real Steel Band can perform outdoors and they are quite happy to do so if provided with a bandstand or awning. Invoke the magic spirit of a West Indian celebration, Carnival-style, with Real Steel. When the pans strike up, make no mistake, it’s party time!

  • Lively, sunshine sounds of happy-go-lucky West Indian music
  • Exotic mix of traditional tunes with skilfully-arranged popular classics
  • No electrical amplification needed – perfect for outdoor events!




Real Steel performs effective instrumental arrangements of well-known popular tunes as well as Calypso, Ska, Soca and Reggae favourites.