Kamara is a West African Drum and Dance Troupe performing with a variety of authentic African instruments, including Balafon, Kora, Gongoma, Djun and Djembe, together with assorted percussion and vocals. Dressed in colourful costumes, the band artfully combines music with stunning displays of spectacular acrobatics and dance in the traditional ‘African Ballet’ style.

“Sometimes fast and energetic – sometimes slow and melodic – but always beautiful…”

You can expect a very lively, high-energy performance incorporating a variety of traditional musical instruments together with vocals, stunning acrobatics and intricate dance-routines. 

Kamara represent everything that is beautiful in West African music and dance, bringing the vibrant, exciting African Ballet style to your event.

  • Lively traditional West African music and dance, perfect for a themed event
  • Flexible playing times and line-ups to suit the requirements of your occasion
  • No need for electrical amplification – ideal for outdoor performances



Playing authentic musical instruments, Kamara perform songs, melodies and dances drawn from the ancient traditional West African culture.