The Shlepping Mishpacha

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The Shlepping Mishpacha is a three-six piece klezmer band that presents a youthful, vibrant, modern ‘take’ on an old-established culture.

“Brimful with 21st-century energy, yet underscored by centuries of tradition, exuding joyful celebration, Klezmer-style…”

Since mediaeval times, migrant groups of Jewish troubadours and minstrels have travelled from the Middle East all across Europe, performing intercontinental mixtures of melodies, songs and dances. Enriched by regular contact with other European and Eastern cultures, more recently influenced by American blues and jazz elements, the Klezmer tradition emerges today as an exciting and energetic genre with universal appeal.

Perfect for wedding reception parties or birthday celebrations, Klezmer has a pulsating and life-affirming sound. Expect your spirits to be lifted when this young six-piece band begins to play. Traditional instrumentation instantly defines the idiom, with haunting vocals topping the sound, while swirling clarinet and acrobatic fiddle embellish the tune. Piano, double-bass and percussion thicken the texture, driving the rhythm along.

Backed up by an excellent PA system that ensures high-quality sound in venues of all types and sizes, The Shlepping Mishpacha presents the complete musical party package, and will be equally at home performing a sophisticated selection of Latin and Swing Jazz with a Klezmer twist.

Young, Gifted and Jewish, The Shlepping Mishpacha present their refreshingly modern, innovative take on the Klezmer experience at its best.

  • A hypnotic blend of Eastern European and Jewish music
  • Sizzling six-piece ensemble of talented, versatile musicians
  • Self-contained, fully-equipped with a high-quality PA system



Klezmer Classics

Ajde Jano

Ambee Dageets/Sirun Aghchik

A Nakht In Gan Eyden

Araber Tanz

Bay A Glezele Mashke

Baym Rebin’s Sude

B Flat Minor Bulgar


Dark Night

De Mina

Der Yid In Yerusholaym

Die Goldene Khasene

Dovid, Shpil Es Nokh A Mol

Freylachs And Sher

Freylechs From Warsaw

Fun Der Khupe No. 2

Galitzyaner Tantz

Hava Nagilah

Hora De La Risipiti

Hora Martisorolui


Klezma ‘Song Without Words’

Lebedich Un Freilech

Mazel Tov

Moldavian Hora

Nokh A Glezl Vahn

Odessa Bulgar No. 1

Oi, Tate


Romanian Sirba Nos. 1 and 2

Russian Sher

Shalom Aleichem


Skotshne No. 59

Terk In Amerika

Terkishe Yale V’Yove Tanz

The Happy Nigun

Two-Part Hora


  1. Mike Pease

    Mike’s 70th Birthday Party – September 2017

    In a glorious early Autumn afternoon in East Sussex, Dave Shulman and The Shlepping Mishpacha proved to be the highlight of a great 70th. birthday party. Their first Klezmer set was clear, crisp and joyous . . . the excellent solos revealed the high standard of each of the performers. Perhaps the greatest compliments were made by guests who declared ” I never heard this music before . . . where can I hear some more?” and “It’s great to see a band who smile so much!” The second set, of ‘Hot Club de Paris’ – style jazz, was also very well received.

    Mike Pease

  2. David Herskovic

    Mo and David’s Party on 9th November, 2016

    I just wanted to say how wonderfully sublime last night’s music was. Traditional Yiddish tunes beautifully and softly performed and which really enhanced our family event.

    Thank you for your help and please pass on our thanks to David and the other players.

    Kind regards

    Mo and David

  3. Kate’s Party

    Just a quick thank you to you all for last night. You were perfect and we had a great time.

  4. Ian’s Garden Party

    Just a brief word to thank you for making the trip down to Amport and playing at our garden party. You certainly impressed a lot of our guests and quite a few asked if you were local!

  5. Victor’s Wedding

    Once again thank you for your excellent performance at your performance at our wedding, the guests kept going on about how brilliant you guys where and your final song into the last dance was epic. Would love to see you again.